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New Parent Portal

Today, July 13, DCFS launched a new P-EBT Online Parent Portal that allows parents to view their child’s P-EBT case. Information submitted by schools (name, date of birth, local student ID, school name, zip code, benefit amounts, and learning mode) are included within the portal once benefits are processed. A video and instructions on how to register, access, and navigate the portal are available on DCFS's P-EBT webpage.


New Benefits Issuance Dates

Starting tomorrow, July 14, the second set of P-EBT benefits will be loaded onto cards for eligible students. This set of benefits will cover November 2020 to January 2021. The third set of benefits will be loaded onto cards beginning August 4 and covers February 2021 to May 2021. Sample messages for families follow:

  • Missing issuances: If you don’t receive benefits on July 14 and/or August 4, it is possible that your child was not reported as eligible. Please direct any eligibility questions to your school. Please note that benefit amounts are dependent on your child’s learning situation on a month-by-month basis and can change if their learning situation changes.
  • Combined issuances: If you receive your child’s P-EBT card after the above dates, it is possible that there will be multiple sets of benefit months already loaded onto the card.
  • Learning mode changes: If you believe that there is an error in your child’s learning mode for a particular month, please contact your child’s school or school district to request a review. While there will be a delay, supplemental benefits will be issued if a correction is made.
  • Address changes: If you need to request an address change, please contact your child’s school or school system. While there will be a delay, benefits will be issued once the correction is made.


DCFS is continuing to distribute P-EBT benefits to eligible children for the 2020-2021 school year as new and updated information is provided by schools and districts.


Please visit for more information.


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