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Pupil Appraisal Services

Pupil Appraisal Services

Many students who experience learning difficulties benefit from support services in the general classroom. This allows students to remain in the core instructional program, and often prevents the need for special education services. However, when school-based interventions have not been successful at remediating deficits, special education intervention may be appropriate.

Pupil Appraisal Services are an integral part of the total educational program of our school system. Pupil Appraisal staff members are assigned to each school and provide a wide variety of services to students 3 through 21 years of age. Appraisal services include screening, assessment, and evaluation services to identify students’ concerns such as developmental delays, learning difficulties, adjustment problems, motor deficits, hearing and/or visual impairments, gifted/talented, and other special needs.  Pupil Appraisal Services are offered by members of our multidisciplinary team and may include an Educational Diagnostician, School Psychologist, School Social Worker, Speech Pathologist, Behavior Interventionist, IEP Facilitator, or other qualified examiner. Pupil Appraisal staff also provide crisis intervention, training on selected topics, and various direct support services to students with learning and behavior problems.


How to Access Pupil Appraisal Services

Pupil Appraisal Services for children enrolled in school are arranged through the School Building Level Committee (SBLC) at each school. The SBLC is a problem-solving group made up of a school administrator, teachers, the school counselor, and other school personnel. The school counselor from each school is the SBLC chairperson. S/he is the person parents and teachers contact to schedule SBLC meetings and discuss concerns about individual students who are experiencing academic or behavioral difficulties, or who are suspected of being gifted.

Referrals for children 3 to 5 years of age, who have not yet entered school, can be made by calling the Pupil Appraisal Services office at 337-639-2996.


How to Access Home Bound Services

Homebound instructional services are designed to support  regular or special education students, who because of illness or healthcare treatment, are unable to attend school. Homebound instruction is not intended to replace a student’s educational program. The intent is to maintain current skill levels until the student can return to school. Homebound services must be requested by the student’s healthcare provider and approved by the Supervisor of Special Education. Homebound request forms can be accessed from each school or the Pupil Appraisal Office.

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